Who is Vijay Luiz?

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Vijay is a technology consultant with domain knowledge over information security, cloud and cryptocurrency. He brings deep technical insights in his chosen fields as well as the pragmatism to enable technology and technologists to benefit businesses.

He is a public speaker who has spoken on information security and blockchain topics across Asia and was actively engaged with the cybersecurity and blockchain communities in Hong Kong and Singapore. He typically writes about information security, blockchain, leadership, cloud, fraud, finance & technology in general.

He received the Asia Pacific Information Security Leadership Achievement (ISLA) award in 2016 for his volunteering efforts with (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter and for his promotion of information security at colleges.

With students at (ISC)2 Security Congress APAC 2016 in Bangkok, after giving a talk on getting started in cybersecurity

Vijay was the cryptocurrency and cybersecurity subject matter expert managing technical aspects of the global first financial audit of a cryptocurrency business.

You can reach him at the Contact Me page or on LinkedIn.

He also has a totally-unrelated travel and personal blog, Pitiless Traveller.